Sample Card: Trying To Read

My bold, bright designs are ideal for cards, prints, housewares and gift items.

"My cat does this all the time!" and "That looks just like my mother's dog!" are comments frequently overheard at art fairs.

Customers will become repeat buyers of items bearing this cheerful art. It reminds them of pets that they have known, and makes them want to share the image with friends and family.

Visit my Etsy shop, where you can buy cards, magnets and other gifts, like my adorable new wooden cutout animal ornaments.

Here are my Christmas and winter holiday cards.)

Cat Designs

Fat Cat with Remote

Kitty Slumber Party

Special Delivery

Peeking White Cat

Stained Glass Lighthouse

Peeking Black Cat

Telo & Camille

Peeking Tabby Cat

Colorful Owl

Beacon Hill Friends

Sidewalk Chat

Helpful Kitty 2

Timothy on the Laptop

Cat Nap Cap

Sink Kitty 2

Neck Warmer

Trying to Write

Artsy Dreaming

Tea Time

Worcester Dreaming
(Worcester, MA)

Ollie on the Skateboard

Zelda in Paris

Stocking Stuffers

Unlikely Best Friends 1

Fat Cat Man Hat

Jealous of the Book

I Want to Play Too!

Kitchen Cats

Calico Angel

Artist's Friend

Flower Feet

Black Cat in the Moonlight

Royal Kitty

Siamese and the Dragonfly

Calico Reader

Confrontational Kitties


Siamese with Owl Moon

Playing on the Chair

Cats are Babies Too!

Scared E. Cat

Welcome Home

Fluff & Fold

Pink and Blue

Take Me With You!

Kitchen Kitty

Beachtowel Cats

Seaside Dreaming

Bedtime Buddies

Bookstore Kitty

Nellie in the Garden

Yellow Cat with Chickadee

"PK & Nellie on the Bed"

"Harbor Cats"

"PK & Nellie at the Lighthouse"

"Best Friends Forever"

"Buoy Buddies"

"PK with Cattails"

"All About Mice"

"On the Black & White Floor"

"Dragonfly Cat"

Valentine Buddies

River Moon Cats

Dreaming City Kitty

The Joy of Autumn

Kitty on the Stairs

Shoebox Kitty


Fatcat Angel

Goldfish Kitty

"Evening News


True Love

PK & Nellie in the Flowers

In My Dreams, I Can Fly


Never Too Many Kitties



Missing You

Yellow cat with kittens

My Buddy


Window Gazing Cats

Laptop Kitty

Guilty As Charged

Birthday Candle Cat

Feel Better Soon

4x4 Wood Block Paintings

4x4 Wood Block Paintings

4x4 Wood Block Paintings

4x4 Wood Block Paintings

Dog Designs

Get Me a Snack

Pug Social

Yellow Dog with Flowers

Doggie on the Deck

Good Dog

Not So Good Dog

White Doggie

Off The Leash!

Feels So Good!

Sprinkler Dog

Black Pug

White Angel Dog (aka "Poochie Moon")

Te Quiero

Poodle in the Park

Cute Baby!

Boat Ride


Running on the Beach

Pug in the Park

Yin Yang Pugs

On the Road

Doggie Kisses

Beachtowel Dogs

4x4 Wood Block Paintings

4x4 Wood Block Paintings

4x4 Wood Block Paintings

4x4 Wood Block Paintings

People & Other Designs

Duet - Skating on the Pond

A Bird on the Head

City Skating

Now What?

Maya Mama

Reading Time

Quiet Moment

Surrounded by Love

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