My paintings are created using vivid Golden® acrylic paint, like the ones shown here. They are made into prints, cards, and other gifts.

You can buy my art in stores in Central Massachusetts, as well as in my Ko-Fi shop and Etsy shop.

photo of Jen Niles Cards at Elsie Kaye

This is just a small sampling of the many paintings I've done over the years. For more information or wholesale inquiries about my notecards, contact me at [email protected].

Cat Paintings

Beachtowel Cats
Trying to Read
Kitchen Cats
Fluff & Fold
Peeking Black Cat
Telo & Camille
Artsy Dreaming
Sink Kitty
Missing You
Shoebox Kitty
Harbor Cats
Kitchen Kitty
Trying to Write
Buoy Buddies
Confrontational Kitties
Calico Dreaming City Kitty
Seaside Dreaming
Special Delivery
Bodega Cat (cropped)
Sad Kitten
Best Buddies
Black & White Cats
Bathtub Kitty
Lovey Cats 2019
Bookstore Kitty 2019
Sunflower Morning
Perfect Afternoon
Fat Cat Man Hat
Tuxedo Tea Time
Scituate Seaside

Dog Paintings

Get Me a Snack
Dog Running on the Beach
Pug in the Park
Pug Social
Boat Ride
Sprinkler Dog
Cute Baby!
Beachtowel Dogs
Poodle in the Park
Birthday Party Dog
Off The Leash
Two Dogs on Red Background
Yin Yang Pugs
Ready to Play
Little Angel
Giant Pug Painting (cropped)
Brown Bulldog
Rainbow Poodle
Lovey Labs
Adirondack Lab
Teddy and Lilly at the Beach
Let's Go!
Dogs on the Beach
Pug Walk
Doggie Kisses
Pomeranian Pups

Other Paintings

Daisy the Hedgehog
Tropical Cockatoo
Sloth Greetings
Basset Hound Buddy
Unlikely Best Friends 2
Unlikely Best Friends
Ferret Pals
Owl and the Pussycat
Lilac Blessings

Christmas / Winter Designs (for cards)

Stocking Stuffers
Helping with the Tree
Snow Saucer Dog
True Love
Snow Saucer Cat
Christmas Cat
Christmas Black Lab
Snow Cat
City Skating
Snowy Walk
Dalmatian Dinner (digital drawing)
Gift Wrap Dog (digital drawing)
Not So Silent Night
Merry Kitsmas
Ski Buddies