Working small

October 4, 2021 Jen Niles

Last month I took part in the “Inchie Challenge,” a 12-day challenge whereby we would do little paintings on pieces of watercolor paper that were just 2 inches square. I normally work small myself, often using acrylics to paint wooden blocks that are 4″x4,” but this was quite an experience! Every day, Amy Maricle from Mindful Art Studio would provide us with a prompt and we could interpret it any way we like. Then we would share our creations on Instagram. The Inchie Challenge is a great way to establish a daily habit of making art, because they’re so small they don’t take much time out of a busy day. I started a habit of painting them while drinking my morning coffee, to the relaxing playlists I’ve set up in Apple Music. #InchieChallenge